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Talk of the Tea Break - Matthew Chadwick

Talk of the Tea Break - Matthew Chadwick

Kyle Green10 Feb 2022 - 19:30
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5'1" Crosses the line habitually Finds his way eventually

What do you do for a living?
I'm a Wood monkey

What brought you to Springhead?
Cheap John Smiths and sun

What's your nickname?
Mr Preston, Chaddy

Who's your favourite band?
Rolling stones, Queen, Eagles

What's your Karaoke song

Who's the best dancer at Springhead?
Martyn Kershaw, shits on Wriggs. Best goose step I've ever seen in a pub

Who's the worst dressed at the club?
I've seen some odd stuff. Probably Jimmy but big Dave playing cricket in his Santorini shirt.

What’s been your greatest achievement in cricket?
Hitting 2 fours in a row at Ramsbottom... Then that was it. Me first four and then the second four straight after

What's your lowest point in cricket
Sliding face first into a concrete barrier, chipping me tooth and brusing me face

Which is your favourite ground to play at and why?
Preston, lovely ground. Dunno why we never got a friendly there

If you're stranded on a desert island with one member of the club, who would it be?
Kyle or Kersh, good conversation until I finally die

Tell us some of your interests outside of cricket?
Pool, football, Football Manager

What's your prematch routine?
Set the sat nav, check what time I'm due... Get it wrong. Big shop, whatever Toni tells me

What's the funniest thing that you've seen during a match?
Big Dave diving for a ball near him and just rolling on the floor. Went down in instalments

What's your best performance?
Mottram, got myself a four and first two wickets

If you could bring anyone to Springhead, who would it be?
Karl Pilkington, I think he'd be hilarious to watch him attempt to play and then listen to his excuses. Getting life lessons from him would be great
If you could bring anyone to Springhead, who would it be?

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