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Talk of the Tea Break - Ian Bishop

Talk of the Tea Break - Ian Bishop

Kyle Green11 Feb 2022 - 15:30
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Springhead's very own hairdresser

What do you do for a living?
Talk shit, relentlessly

What brought you to Springhead?
Closest cricket club to my house

What's your nickname?
Bish but most call me twat

Who's your favourite band?

What's your Karaoke song
Alison by Elvis Costello

Who's the best dancer at Springhead?

Who's the worst dressed at the club?

What’s been your greatest achievement in cricket?
Won 2nd Division at Oldham, u18 winning league and reached county semi finals.

What's your lowest point in cricket
Racing Jimmy in Abergele, losing and tearing my hamstring

Which is your favourite ground to play at and why?
Springhead, as it's like batting on a bowling green... Not the wicket, the outfield being small. Batters paradise

If you're stranded on a desert island with one member of the club, who would it be?
Anyone who can cook... Actually who's the best person to eat. Big Dave

Tell us some of your interests outside of cricket?
Drinking beer, talking shit

What's your prematch routine?
Shadow batting, sprints and stretches

What's the funniest thing that you've seen during a match?
Me diving for a catch before the ball was even close to me. Wasn't funny for me but it was for everyone else

What's your best performance?
7 wickets down and had only 9 men. Chasing 65 and me and Tony Heaton put on 42 to win. I also got hit on the head, came off and came back on to win.

If you could bring anyone to Springhead, who would it be?
Ben Stokes
You wouldn't get him out on this ground, he'd hit 36 an over and he'd sup all the beer.

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